It is important to strengthen the long-term relationship between Ardemagni business and the Duferco and CSC groups so as to encourage faster growth in business, increase productivity and generate greater profits. The relationship with Duferco is strategic for Ardemagni mainly for the following reasons: – Access to new markets through its distribution network – Just in time supply based on large avaiable stock – Financial support The strategic alliance with CSC Group represents for Ardemagni the key to value creation in the downstream operations. In particular, the advantages are the following:

  • Supply side security of consistent volumes and access to hightest quality material
  • Benefit from continuous CSC technical development
  • Tailored technical support to customers


Duferco International Trading Holdings S.A. (DITH) is a leading independent trader of steel and raw materials used in steelmaking.
Established in 1979, DITH has grown successfully by implementing a strategy based on strategic joint ventures and an integrated business model where the trading, distribution, and production activities are complimented by a division of value-added services, including shipping and logistics, down-stream processing and financial structuring.

Today we have four main areas of activity: – Trading of steel, raw materials and consumables. – Down-stream distribution and processing. – Industrial production facilities. – Added end-to end Services With a global network of offices in 76 locations and commercial activities in over 120 countries around the world, DITH covers the complete supply chain from raw materials to finished products, enhanced by economies of scale, cost efficiency, unrivaled support in financing and commercial capability in judging market shifts. We enjoy one of the largest networks in the commodities sector, sourcing from 342 steel mills around the world and selling more than 20 million tonnes of steel and steel related products per annum to over 44,000 customers worldwide.

China Steel

China Steel Corporation (CSC), established in December 1971, started its production in December 1977. After four consecutive stages of expansion, the annual production capacity of crude steel has achieved 10.1 million metric tons, ranking 19th among the member companies of the International Iron and Steel Institute in 2003.

The major products include steel plates, steel bars, wire rods, hot-rolled coils, coldrolled coils, coated coils, electrical steel coils and electro-galvanized coils. All of these products are widely used in various downstream manufacturing industries, enhancing competitiveness and forming a mutually-beneficial interdependence between the CSC and its customers.

Thus, CSC has proved to be a reliable and innovative supplier of steel products. The accreditation certificate of ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, the Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation (CNLA) and JIS MARK approvals were obtained to demonstrate CSC’s commitment to maintaining progress in providing a quality management system.

Providing cost-effective and superior quality of products and services to the satisfaction of diverse customers is the original mission of CSC.

The company has, therefore, put a great deal of effort into expanding and modernising its facilities and continually improving the quality of its products, besides developing new products so as to help customers to create more value-added products.

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