Ardemagni SPA

Ardemagni is located in Cinisello Balsamo, Milan, Italy.
Founded in 1946 by the Ardemagni family, the steel service center was established in the market and developed further to become a brand recognised by customers and suppliers in all Europe.
Today Ardemagni is one of the bigger competitors in the market, in the future focused also on E-Mobile projects with high frequency grades



  • 11,000 square metres
  • 4 Slitter
  • Packing line
  • 80k ton/shift annual production capacity


  • High quality material guaranteed by CSC
  • Direct support of CSC R&D for development of tailored products
  • Technical assistance to customers by CSC engineering team
  • Large availability of material and wide range of grades
  • Short Lead-Time
  • JIT deliveries
  • Highly-motivated and service-focused team with many years of experience with electrical steel
  • Strategic location in the heart of the Italian and EU market

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